php - PDO Query not updating


I have set up my query correctly it comes back with NO errors at all but for someone reason does not update

$database->updateAdmin(1, $_POST['user']);

 public function updateAdmin($status, $uid) {
    $sql = 'UPDATE users SET admin = :status WHERE uid = :uid';
    $result = $this->pdo->prepare($sql);
        ':status' => $status,
        ':uid' => $uid

<select name="user">
      <option value="1">John</option>
     <option value="2">Sarah</option>

admin field is ENUM ('0','1')

This is how it is all set up it just says it went ok but never updates, can anyone spot maybe why?




To make it come with errors you have to ask for them.
Have you set your PDO in exception mode?

However, there could be a hard-spotted trick.
You have to bind your 1 as a string, not as a number. Otherwise it won't update.
I am not quite familiar with automatic binding from array, but it is quite possible that PDO does some magic and binds your 1 as a number. So, I'd bind it manually, to be sure.

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