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the above is the screenshot.

i have set the FTP, the FTP connected ok, when i double clicked the FTP icon. it can't show all the files and directory of the server,i want to change some code of a file which from the remote server, why?




Click on "Advanced Options..." and toggle "Passive Mode".




Don't use 'Remote Host' panel.

Try 'Deployment':

Menu Tools -> Deployment -> Configuration

There you can define many (S)FTP servers, use mappings, webpath. You have to fill "Mappings" page which helps phpStorm to figure out where and how exactly local files should be sent to FTP path.

If you will configure it correctly (which is quite simple) you can now enable "Automatic Upload" which activates files uploading after each "Save" option! You can also manually upload particular files from "Project" pane by RigthClick->Upload

If upload options are disabled (greyed out) try opening configuration again, select server from the list on the left and choose icon 'Set as default' (the 4th icon above left panel - server with green tick)

Automatic upload works like a charm in phpStorm!




For me, enabling passive ftp didn't fix the grayed out ftp buttons. I did this:

  • Open theTools > Deployment > Configuration > Mappings
  • Changed a mapping path, saved, then changed it back and saved again.

Then it worked, the buttons [Upload to], [Download from] were not grayed out anymore.

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