php - PHPUnit was not found in your include_path


I'm searching for the solution for a day but i have no luck.

I already install Zend Framework on Mac OS 10.9, i also install PHPUnit via pear. But when i tried to create a project it show up a message

Testing Note: PHPUnit was not found in your include_path, therefore no testing actions will be created. This is my pear localtion: /usr/bin/pear This is my phpunit location: /usr/bin/phpunit

Thank you so much!




How did you install PHPUnit?

It is "just" not included in yourinclude_path - that is it.

You need to add it's base path to the Zend Autoloader - here's how.

composer is also an option as @Eddie Jaoude mentioned.

The main difference between usingcomposer andpear is thatpear installs its packages globally and you need to include them in your path (to load them).composer on the other hand installs them locally in the project in your vendors directory and automatically handles auto loading for you.

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