php - Picking a random image out of different directories based on GEO locations


The code for picking an random image out of a directory is pretty straight forward.

For example; my current code is this:

$imagesDir = 'img/';
$images = glob($imagesDir . '*.{jpg,jpeg,png,gif}', GLOB_BRACE);
$randomImage = $images[array_rand($images)]; // See comments

I want to use Cloudflare's GEO IP finder, so when the user visits the website it feeds back where the users from.

So let's say I want,

  if england use directory > img/en/ 
  if australia use directory > img/au/
  if USA use directory > img/usa/
  if NZ use directory > img/nz/
  if any other country > img/

I know the logic to it, but putting it into code is another thing which i've been struggling to do.

Any ideas?




Create an array of the location directories and their corresponding names then build your image directory based on the geo location ($location in my example).

$location = 'australia';

$dirs = array('england'   => 'en',
              'australia' => 'au',
              'USA'       => 'usa',
              'NZ'        => 'nz');

$imagesDir = 'img/' . (isset($dirs[$location]) ? $dirs[$location] . '/' : '');

If a location is not found in the array the setting of the$imagesDir variable will default toimg/ as it is now.




Essentially, you are just trying to convert "england" -> img/en/ Any straight conversion, like this, I like to use a dictionary/map (depending on the language), or associative arrays for PHP. Uses a ternary, if the key (country) is not in the array, then "img/"

$arr = [
   "england" => "img/en/",
$imagesDir = in_array($COUNTRY, $arr) ? $arr[$COUNTRY] : "img/";

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