php - Populating 2 tables from one controller in Laravel 5.1


Just looking for confirmation on what the best way to write a row to 2 separate tables is in an MVC framework (specifically Laravel 5.1)

I have a sign up form, which should eventually add a row to my "users" table and my "profiles" table (These tables have a 1 to 1 relationship).

So, by default my AuthController calls my User models "create" function. Is it OK to have the same function also call my Profile model? Something in the long lost "1st year at uni" part of my brain says this shouldn't happen.

Sorry, I don't have access to my actual code at the moment, but this is basically what I'm getting at:

    function create($data)
            $data STUFF GOING TO PLACES    

            $data STUFF GOING TO PLACES    

EDIT: To clarify, when a user registers for the site, they will create a row in the users table AND the profile table. So each user row will always have 1 corresponding profile row.

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