php - Print array to template without template engine


I have a simple associative array in PHP containing data I like to print out in a format specified by a HTML template. The template would look something like this:

<html><head>Some header</head>
<b>{data1}</b>: {data2}

<b>{meta1}</b>: {meta2}

<b>{post1}</b>: {post2}

<i>Note</i>: {data1}, {meta1}, {post1} Some text

{data2}, {meta2} Some text

I wish to avoid using a template engine as much as possible since this is a simple program and I like to keep things simple.




After some searching, I found the answer to my own question. In short, it is, use PHP's:


and if I need to run any function within HEREDOC, it's possible too!

Thanks to the answers to these questions:




I would recommend something like

 $tmpl_output = str_replace(['{{POST1}}','{{META1}}'],[$post1, $meta1],$template);

No template engine, very fast mechanism, and you have nice clean tokenization and markup.

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