php - Proceed to credit card payment method in PayPal


There is a form, which redirects to PayPal on . And shows two ways of payment: login in PayPal and pay with credit card. Is there any way to get redirect right to pay with credit card? Maybe it is need to add some parameter in form or change an action url?




No, it a paypal decision, usually if they now users have paypal account, thy redirect to paypal tab, otherwise if its the first time they redirect to card one, this is a semplicistic explanation,but if you search on paypal doc or consult an account manager(that's what i did) you'll get this answer




For credit cards payment with PayPal you can use PayPal-PHP-SDK, example - CreatePayment.php.




Use this library I have created sample also for creditcard payment. It is very easy to use Just fill-up array values and your work is ready. No need to read core functions of paypal. Find your appropriate file in samples/rest.

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