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I have a SqlDump.sql file that works just fine when I apply it using the Import feature of phpMyAdmin, however I need to be able to accomplish this programmatically. Being a noob, I tried to do something like this:

if (mysqli_multi_query($DB, $SQL)) {
    do {
        if ($result = mysqli_store_result($DB)) {
    } while (mysqli_next_result($DB));

But I get all kinds of mysql errors. Yet the same file works just fine when I import it using phpMyAdmin. How do I get this to work programmatically?


Can't create table 'somedb.t_sr_u_alertcode' (errno: 150)



You have double-trouble.

That error is a foreign key constraint error. Some table you're trying to create probably has a foreign key to another table that hasn't yet been created.

I found some instances of the error here:

by googling this:

Second problem is that you'll probably get into trouble trying to import a large file because I don't think you can execute multiple sql commands seperated with an ; like you can in phpmyadmin. I'd suggest using a script like this one:

I haven't tried it myself, but I have no reason to believe it doesn't work.




You could always just look at the source code

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