php - Protection against tampered user input and SQL injection fails


So I have a form with 2 text inputs. One is price and the other is quantity. Before saving the form there are some checks that act as safeguard against tampered user input and SQL injection.

so one of them is:

    if(strval(floatval($quantity)) === $quantity && strval(floatval($price)) === price) {
      $errors = false;

The problem with this check is that if we have $price = "47.80" for example floatval() gives us 47.8 and then strval() gives us "47.8" which does not equal to "47.80" So the check fails and we get an error.

I would like to know if you can think of a way to go around this without changing the logic too much.




You can use the filter extension:


It removes everything that is not a digit or a period.

If the number has to have two decimal points then you have to somehow enforce that. You can either not allow numbers without two decimal points or you can fix the input yourself. Something like this should do:

$price= number_format($price, 2, '.', null);

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