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In database,i have accounts details table, that contain approx.,300000 records based on the below query I have to show the report in table, account name and selected company value in year-wise, nearly 40 rows and 13 columns

I have the query,

$sql = ("SELECT sum(value) as val FROM balancesheet where formula='$formulaid' and year='$year' and nse_code='$companyCode'");

based on the year, company, and formula, here formula field, suppose if formula is 1+2+3 means, the query will execute 3 times inside the loop and continue again with parent loop

o/p: will be like

        2012      2011     2000.........
account name1   15.00     16.08    47.55
account name2   15.00     16.08    47.55

so hardly it takes 4 to 5 mins to print. Kindly help me how to improve the execution of query to print faster




If these columns are always searched together, define an index on them,

ALTER TABLE balancesheet ADD INDEX (formula, year, nse_code)



Use EXPLAIN to find out what is happening under the bonnet (hood for the Yanks). Then you are in a position to create the appropriate indexes.

The indexes can be created via the table definition or via create index. It is also useful to look into optimize




Add indexes on where fields to improve speed.

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