php - Query search # going up in ascending order rather then fetching the actual code from database


I have a query fetching product ID from the database, then base on the ID #, I have a switch statement that gets the image for the product. All works fine and at the end of the switch I have a default case where it would just print out an image that says "no image available".

Here is part of the code for imagequery.php

if($image = mysqli_fetch_assoc($imagequery))
case 0:
  echo '<th><img src="Images/pencil.jpg">';
case 1:
  echo '<th><img src="Images/pen.jpg">';
case 2:
  echo '<th><img src="Images/marker.png">';
case 3:
  echo '<th><img src="Images/clipper.png">';
case 4:
  echo '<th><img src="Images/paper.png">';
  echo '<th><img src="Images/noimage.jpg">';

Edit1: After doing more recommended echo checks, turns out the $image['imagequery'] is going in ascending order and I'm not sure why. My code to get $imagequery is this.

    $results = "SELECT product_code FROM products WHERE product_desc='Office Materials'";
    $imagequery = mysqli_query($mysqli, $results);

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