php - "echo" session and logout in the same line


Currently when i showing my username(through session) and logout function , both of them is in different lines

Image: ( This is output )

What i want :
Username is on the right side of "Logout"




First of all, remove this partstyle='float:right;'

Usingfloat:right will move the text right.

Second, need some spacing here:

echo $_SESSION["username"]." "; // you can use `|` to separation 
echo '<a href="logout.php"><span>Logout</span></a></li>';



Float right will push everything to the right (last item being the one the the most on the right). Your code seem to work if you need to have everything on one line though.

session_start(); // Right at the top of your script

<li class='active'>
     echo '<a href="logout.php"><span>Logout</span></a>' . $_SESSION["username"];
     echo '<a href="registerform.html"><span>Login/Register</span></a>';

 echo '</li>';

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