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I want to create a wordpress plugin that performs actions on certain minute intervals like X minutes. Looking into the WP-API there's the methodwp_schedule_event which can schedule actions hourly, daily or twice a day. Is there a way to really schedule events in WP where I can define the exact minute the event should run?





wp_schedule_event('YOUR_LINUX_TIMESTAMP', 'daily', 'my_wp_cron_file' );  


Or look at full article:

The only valid values are 'hourly', 'twicedaily', and 'daily'


Opencron.php and find a code in "wp_includes/" folder and find:

function wp_get_schedules() {
    $schedules = array(
        'hourly'     => array( 'interval' => HOUR_IN_SECONDS,      'display' => __( 'Once Hourly' ) ),
        'twicedaily' => array( 'interval' => 12 * HOUR_IN_SECONDS, 'display' => __( 'Twice Daily' ) ),
            // YOU CODE PUT THERE // 
        'daily'      => array( 'interval' => DAY_IN_SECONDS,       'display' => __( 'Once Daily' ) ),
    return array_merge( apply_filters( 'cron_schedules', array() ), $schedules );


'minutes'     => array( 'interval' => 60,      'display' => __( 'Once Minutes' ) ),

or hourly:

'hourly'     => array( 'interval' => 3600,      'display' => __( 'Once Hourly' ) ),

And change it as simple:

wp_schedule_event('YOUR_LINUX_TIMESTAMP', 'hourly', 'my_wp_cron_file' );   // as exmaple hourly cron is called

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