php - Regex for starting with and not ends


I want to check a string if it starts with dollar ({-code-2}-code-1}) and open brace ({-code-2}) followed by anything but not ends with closing brace (}).

{-code-2}{-code-2}-code-1}this should match {-code-2}{-code-2}-code-1}this shouldn't march}

I tried following:

{-code-2}-code-1}regex = '/(^\{-code-2}\{-code-2}-code-1}).*?(?!\\}){-code-2}-code-1}/';

Is this the correct way?




Your question is not completely clear. OK, it is not clear at all.


A lookaround assertion is checking a condition at a certain position in the pattern.{-code-2{-code-5} checks if at a position{-code-3{-code-5} is true and{-code-4{-code-5} is true.

These two conditions will be always true at the end of the string! ==> you are not checking if the string does not end with a{-code-5}:

The anchor{-code-4{-code-5} is true, if the end of the string is ahead, at the same position{-code-3{-code-5} is also true, because there is no{-code-5} ahead.

To test this condition, you have to look back, when{-code-4{-code-5} is found ==>




I am hazarding a guess that your example was intended to be two separate examples, one of which should match and one of which should not match. The followingregex may do what you want.

$input1 =    '{$this should match' ;
$input2 = '{$this shouldn\'t march}';
$regex = '/^{\$[^{}]+(?!})$/';

preg_match_all($regex, $input1, $matches); // Will match
preg_match_all($regex, $input2, $matches); // Will not match

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