php - Response::view triggers download in Laravel


I am trying to display an HTTP Live Streaming playlist (m3u8 file) which is being generated by Laravel. In order to do this, I have a view (playlist.blade.php):

@foreach($videos as $video)
/videos/watch/{{ $video->file }}.ts

In my controller, I'm using the following code:

return Response::view('compilations.playlist', compact('videos'))->header('Content-Type', 'application/x-mpegurl');

To make up the view with the right headers.

When I throw up the file onto a static server like nginx, with the correct mime-type, the file displays in the browser, and works with Apple'smediastreamvalidator. When I try to access the file through the Laravel server, the browser downloads the file automatically (instead of displaying it) and it does not work with themediastreamvalidator.

How can I make up the view, with the correct headers, and have it behave as the nginx server does (display in the browser, load properly in the verification tool / video players)?

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