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I'm trying to use a dynamically created form to edit content on a page. I retrieve information from a DB table (in this case image captions) and display them in text areas ready to be edited and saved back into the DB.

This seems to do the job of organizing and displaying the form:

echo"<form action='edit.php' method='post'>";
 for ($limit;$limit<=$all_values;$limit++)
      echo "<textarea cols='15' rows='3' name='caption' value='$caption_arr[$limit]'>
      echo "<br><input type='submit' value='Edit' name='pictureEedit'></form>";

But something goes wrong from here. When I enter this in edit.php:

 echo $caption;

And I only get the caption from the last field. When I added check boxes to the form it all worked fine provided I only checked 1 but if I checked 2 or more it would only give me the value for the last one.

I also tried this:

 foreach ($caption as $key => $value) {echo $key.$value.'<br>';}

but got the same result.




In your form


has to be


And later on you can do:

foreach ($_POST['caption'] as $key => $value) {echo $key.'=>'.$value.'<br>';}



You cannot use the same name for all fields. you have to make array of them. try this


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