php - Returning months difference as integer


I am trying to return month difference as integer and call if to table column. My code:

function ETA($ArrivalDate, $pattern = 'mysql'){

$patterns = array(
    'eu'    => 'd/m/Y',
    'mysql' => 'Y-m-d',
    'us'    => 'm/d/Y',
    $CurrentDate = date("Y-m-d");

    $ArrivalDate = $variants_data['ArrivalDate'];

    $diff = $ArrivalDate->diff($CurrentDate);

    return $diff->y;


The I call it with


But there is nothing returned, what am I doing wrong here?




You can get what you want in a simpler approach using the DateTime object in PHP:

function ETA($ArrivalDate){
    $currentDate = new DateTime();
    $arrivalDate = new DateTime($ArrivalDate);
    $interval    = $currentDate->diff($arrivalDate);
    return $interval->format('%m');

See working example:

If you don't pass in an appropriate format $ArrivalDate you will get an exception thrown, so you need to wrap the call in a Try/Catch.

See DateTime Interval Format for more on the return value.




Try this simple one

  //for months
  $monthdiff=floor((abs(strtotime(date("d/m/Y")) - strtotime($ArrivalDate))/(60*60*24*30)));
  //for days
  $daydiff=floor((abs(strtotime(date("d/m/Y")) - strtotime($ArrivalDate))/(60*60*24)));


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