php - Right way to escape string after replacing quotes?


Is this the right way to escape a string just in case or I can insert string like this without additional escaping?

$filenamefordb = preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9а-яА-Я_\.\-]/u', '', $filenamefordb);
$query = "INSERT INTO file SET filename='$filenamefordb";

I don't use mysqli_escape because I also need name without any quotes in another place




Why don't you escape the string using PDO?

    $conn = new PDO('sqlite:/home/lynn/music.sql3');

    /* Complex string */
    $string = "Co'mpl''ex \"st'\"ring";
    print "Unquoted string: $string\n";
    print "Quoted string: " . $conn->quote($string) . "\n";

This will output

Unquoted string: Co'mpl''ex "st'"ring
Quoted string: 'Co''mpl''''ex "st''"ring'





you can escape it with a generic php function:

$filenamefordb = mysql_escape_string ($filenamefordb);
$query = "INSERT INTO file SET filename='$filenamefordb";

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