php - Route pattern cannot reference variable name "trip_id" more than once


i am calling an edit page with some id. Its route is as follows:

Route::get('edit_vid/{trip_id}', '[email protected]');

but when i call this url(route) it gives me following error

Route pattern "/video/{trip_id}/{{trip_id}}" cannot reference variable name "trip_id" more than once.

i have another route which is totaly different from this one

Route::resource('video/{trip_id}', '[email protected]');

you can see there is no similarity in them except id.. i dont know at where i am doing mistake.. please guide me.. i am beginner in laravel. please help




as per Vipul comment.. i changed

Route::resource('video/{trip_id}', '[email protected]');

to this

Route::get('video/{trip_id}', '[email protected]');

and it worked well.. issue resolved.

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