php - Save property type int google datastore


How can I define the property type, when I save a record into Google Datastore with PHP?

version should be type: Integer

color should be type: String

description should be type: Text (I want to save long text there)

created should be type: Date and time

and cardatas should be type Array or Text,

what is the best here for JSON datas?: Array or Text

 $datastore = new DatastoreClient();
    $key = 'protCarDatas';
    $time = date(DATE_RFC3339);
    $savedata = $datastore->entity(
             'version' => $version,
             'color' => $color,
             'description' => $desc,
             'created' => $time,
             'cardatas' => $fullCardDataJsonString
           ['excludeFromIndexes' => ['cardatas']]


Thanks for help!




The types that Datastore supports are the following (from the Documentation):

  • Integers
  • Floating-point numbers
  • Strings
  • Dates
  • Binary data

So I would cast the variables to:

version: Integer

color: String

description: String

created: Date

cardatas: String

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