php - SCREAM: Error suppression ignored for Fatal error: Call to undefined method


I have read many posts regarding this error, but not found any working solution for me.

I have a site and master config file which loads all the class files.

Now i created a sub folder in my site and included the master config from parent folder which loads class files.

But i cannot use any of the class functions from subfolders.

I have tested by adding a die statement on one class files, and script perfectly 'died'. but the issue is i cannot use the functions.



The problem occurs when using functions insidesubsite/index.php

SCREAM: Error suppression ignored for
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Document::loadHelper() in sitepath\subsite\index.php on line 13

and on line 12 & 13

$Document = Document::getDocument();



You need toinclude either master.config.php or class/class.document.php from your subsite/index.php


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