php - Search into multidimensional stdClass Object


I have this stdClass Object:

stdClass Object ( 
[summary] => Appuntamenti 
[items] => Array ( 
    [0] => stdClass Object (
        [summary] => Busy 
        [start] => stdClass Object ( 
            [dateTime] => 2016-02-02T17:00:00+01:00 
            [timeZone] => Europe/Rome 
        [end] => stdClass Object ( 
            [dateTime] => 2016-02-02T17:30:00+01:00 
            [timeZone] => Europe/Rome 

This stdClass Object is the result of a Google Calendar request and can be longer than this.

I'd like to check if there's an event with a specific datetime, for example if results contains "Start -> 2016-02-02T17:00:00+01:00" then return true.

I found methods to search in arrays but not in multidimensional stdClass Objects.




Try simpleforeach at start:

$items = $obj->items; // assuming $obj is your initial object
$sample_date = "2016-02-02T17:00:00+01:00";
$hasNeededDate = false;

foreach ($items as $item) {
   if ($item->start->dateTime == $sample_date) {
       $hasNeededDate = true;


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