php - Select all from MySql and join other


I have this codeigniter function

function allClients($orderby = 'clients_company_name', $sort = 'ASC')

    $this->debug_methods_trail[] = __function__;

    $conditional_sql = '';

    //check if any specifi ordering was passed
    if (! $this->db->field_exists($orderby, 'clients')) {
        $orderby = 'clients_company_name';

    //check if sorting type was passed
    $sort = ($sort == 'asc' || $sort == 'desc') ? $sort : 'ASC';


It selects all data from table clients. One of them is "client_team_profile_id" - the owner of this client.

I also need to join other table - team profiles. There we can find team_profile_id (there are ids of users in system) and team_profile_full_name - names of users.


I need to select all data from table CLIENTS (as we can see - Select *) and also get name of team user connected to client and set a parameter for result - AS f.ex. client_owner_name.

I appreciate your help.



sql & benchmarking start


$this->benchmark->mark('code_start'); //_____SQL QUERY_______ $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM clients ORDER BY $orderby $sort"); $results = $query->result_array(); //multi row array //benchmark/debug $this->benchmark->mark('code_end'); $execution_time = $this->benchmark->elapsed_time('code_start', 'code_end'); //debugging data $this->__debugging(__line__, __function__, $execution_time, __class__, $results); //


sql & benchmarking end


//return results return $results; }|||Table: clients clients_id|clients-company_name|client_address|clients_team_profile_id 1 |Apple |some street |2 2 |Dell |some street |5 Table team_profile team_profile_id | team_profile_full_name| 2 |John | 5 |Bob |



So you can add this JOIN to your existing query

SELECT c.*, t.team_profile_full_name as client_owner_name
FROM clients c
    JOIN team_profile t ON t.team_profile_id = c.clients_team_profile_id
ORDER BY $orderby $sort"

You may also need to change this bit of code to use the table alias like so

 //check if any specifi ordering was passed
if (! $this->db->field_exists($orderby, 'clients')) {
    $orderby = 'c.clients_company_name';

And also

function allClients($orderby = 'c.clients_company_name', $sort = 'ASC')

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