PHP SELECT query giving wrong primary key result


I have a table which containscNumber as primary key which contains data in this format12-43245 or12-34537.

But when select gives out the result, it actually subtracts the value and returns this-43233 and-34525 respectively.

Is there any way to get the same value returned and not the subtracted value?

Here is the code datayupe for cNumber is varchar

     $query = "SELECT 'cNumber','cNature','cStNum','cAddress','cTime','cDate','cLocation','cDsp' FROM cases";
 while([email protected]_fetch_assoc($result)){
echo ($id);

Checked something. The$id value is printed correctly, but when I am using this$id in anotherINSERT query, then it inserts the subtracted value in the database




The issue is that the primary key is integer and not characters so when you do a select it does

12-43245 = -43233 and 12-34537 = -34525.

If you want to have both digits and special characters try changing the column type to varchar or char.

try to store the id as

$id = mysql_real_escape_string($row["cNumber"]);



I think the primary key is integer and not varchar due to which we the subtract occurs.




PHP doesn't do anything with your data. MySQL doesn't do anything with your data when you selecting it too.

So the most likely case - you have this data in your database.

The problem in that case is in insert queries - when you insert row you should insert primary key as string, not as integer.

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