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I have the below table (in picture) which is kind of inventory table and shows how many items comes in and how many goes out from stock, and item_id is the foreign key from another table.

I want to select those records that has no out from the stock, in other word i want to select those records which are highlighted in green (in the picture).


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The Table

enter image description here




Try this:

Select * from `table` where id in (select id from `table`group by id having sum(out)=0);

for deleting those values use:

delete t1
from `your_table` as t1 
join (select item_id from `your_table`group by item_id having sum(item_out)=0) t2 on t1.item_id = t2.item_id



Try this query.

SELECT * FROM 'table_name' where out=0;



You need to join the table to itself:SELECT t.* FROM <your_table> AS t LEFT JOIN <your_table> AS t1 ON t.item_id=t1.item_id WHERE t1.out>0 AND t1.item_id IS NULL

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