php - Setting up global array (outwith class)


I have a few classes (in separate files, eg /classes/admin.class.php), and I'd like them to have access to a global array, which is loaded in the main file (index.php).

I want the contents of the global array to be$cq->fetch_assoc().

How do I do this? I've read up about it, but I simply cannot get my head around it.

$GLOBALS seems to work, but is that not an outdated version (like$HTTP_POST_ARRAY?)

Thanks in advance




Any variable you declare in the index.php file will be available to all the subsequently included files. However, once you go into a function definition, that variable won't be available. You can make it available by using the "global" keyword.

For example:


   $var = $cq->fetch_assoc();


echo $var; //Will work!

function foo() {
    global $var;

    echo $var; //Won't work without global keyword!



$GLOBALS seems to work, but is that not an outdated version (like$HTTP_POST_ARRAY?)

No, that are two different things.$GLOBALS is not outdated, but the superglobal variable that gives you access to the global variable table in PHP.

$HTTP_POST_ARRAY is outdated, because you should use$_POST instead.

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