PHP simplify range creation


I wrote this code to generate range of numbers.

Can someone help me simplify this code. I assume that it can be done in much more simpler and cleaner way, but don't know how ?

$variant_ids = 'AB0000001, AB0000002, AB0000003 - AB0000010, AB0000011 - AB0000020, AB0000021, AB0000022';
$delimiter = ',';
$range_delimiter = '-';

$variant_ids = array_filter(array_map('trim', explode($delimiter, $variant_ids)), 'strlen');

if (is_array($variant_ids)) {
    foreach ($variant_ids as &$variant_id) {
        if (strpos($variant_id, $range_delimiter) !== FALSE && substr_count($variant_id, $range_delimiter) == 1) {
            $variant_range_id = array_map('trim', explode($range_delimiter, $variant_id));
            $variant_id = array();
            for ($i = $variant_range_id[0]; $i <= $variant_range_id[1]; $i++) {
                $variant_id[] = $i;
            $variant_id = implode($delimiter, $variant_id);

$variant_ids = implode($delimiter, $variant_ids);

echo '<pre>'; print_r($variant_ids); echo '</pre>';



Interesting concept that I believe that PHP’s built in function can handle well. Reworked your logic to work with the concept as arrays using , & some regex juggling. Not perfect, but based on your original code’s needs it seems to be a nice alternative if I do say so myself.

// Set the basics
$raw_variant_ids = 'AB0000001, AB0000002, AB0000003 - AB0000010, AB0000011 - AB0000020, AB0000021, AB0000022';
$delimiter = ',';
$range_delimiter = '-';
$variant_ids = array();

// Explode the $raw_variant_ids to generate an array.
$range_array = explode($delimiter, $raw_variant_ids);

// Roll through the $range_array.
foreach ($range_array as $range_value) {

  // Split the range value.
  $range_split = explode($range_delimiter, $range_value);

  // If the range split has two items, generate a range. Or else, just as a straight id.
  if (count($range_split) == 2) {

    // Get the numbers for the start & end of the range.
    $range_number_start = trim(preg_replace('/[a-zA-Z]/is', '', $range_split[0]));
    $range_number_end = trim(preg_replace('/[a-zA-Z]/is', '', $range_split[1]));

    // Get the letters for the start of the range. 
    $alpha_prefix = trim(preg_replace('/[0-9]/is', '', $range_split[0]));

    // Get the length of the numbers based on the start number.
    $id_length = strlen($range_number_start);

    // Now use 'range()' to generate a range.
    $range_span_array = range($range_number_start, $range_number_end);

    // Roll through the $range_span_array.
    foreach ($range_span_array as $range_span_array_value) {
      $variant_ids[] = $alpha_prefix . str_pad($range_span_array_value, $id_length, 0, STR_PAD_LEFT);
  else {
    foreach ($range_split as $range_split_value) {
      $variant_ids[] = trim($range_split_value);


echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

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