php - Small modification to regex to make it work?


I am trying to get the 6 or 7 number sequence and put it in the urls array.

<a href="/product/view/4539922/" class="raw_clafd">

However I am having a problem with the regex below.

preg_match_all('/<a\s+href="\.\/view\/(\d{6,7})\/"  class="raw_clafd">/', $str, $urls);

What am I missing? Thank you




You cannot match/product with\.

You can use:

preg_match_all('#<a\s+href="/product/view/(\d{6,7})/"\s+class="raw_clafd">#', $str, $urls);

But I really believe you should consider using DOM parser.




You can get the value after /view/ just by using


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