php - SQL compare dates


I am trying to calculate if a date is between a few dates that are in my database.1

For example: I have the date:29-02-2016

I have some entries in my database that have 2 columns, astart date and aend date.

Now I want to select rows of my database that collide with the example date. All the dates are in timestamps.

So for example I have in my database the next rows:

start date: 11-2-2016 => end date: 12-2-2016  //does not match
start date: 28-2-2016 => end date: 30-2-2016  //does match

Does anyone know how to select them from my database?




Do you just want to select the rows where your_date is in betweenstart_date andend_date ? A simplebetween clause would do that.

select * from your_table
where your_date between start_date and end_date

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