php - str_replace / addslashes() / htmlspecialchars() .... for quote and double quote


I have a problem.

If I complete my form with " or ' in my form the program bug

I want replace " and ' by code like ' " ' " or addslash or whatever...

Help me please

My code :

if (isset($_POST['key'])){
        mysql_select_db($database_dbprotect, $dbprotect);
        $key = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['key']);
       $verif_query = sprintf("SELECT * FROM $bloc_news_entreprise WHERE $bloc_news_entreprise.key='$key'");
        $verif = mysql_query($verif_query, $dbprotect) or die(mysql_error());
        $row_verif = mysql_fetch_assoc($verif);
        $utilisateur = mysql_num_rows($verif);
    if ($utilisateur) {
         echo '<span>Cette key existe déjà</span>';}
    else {
            $key = $_POST['key'];
            $tpl = $_POST['tpl'];
            $urlA = $_POST['urlA'];
            $urlB = $_POST['urlB'];
            $urlC = $_POST['urlC'];
            $urlD = $_POST['urlD'];
            $descriptif = $_POST['descriptif'];
            $bigTitre = $_POST['bigTitre'];
            $titreA = $_POST['titreA'];
            $titreB = $_POST['titreB'];
            $titreC = $_POST['titreC'];
            $titreD = $_POST['titreD'];
                $add_bloc = sprintf("INSERT INTO $bloc_news_entreprise ($bloc_news_entreprise.key, tpl, urlA, urlB, urlC, urlD, descriptif, bigTitre, titreA, titreB, titreC, titreD) VALUES ('$key', '$tpl', '$urlA','$urlB','$urlC','$urlD', '$descriptif', '$bigTitre', '$titreA', '$titreB', '$titreC', '$titreD')");
                mysql_select_db($database_dbprotect, $dbprotect);
                $result = mysql_query($add_bloc, $dbprotect) or die ("Impossible d'ajouter les données utilisateur dans la base de donn&eacute;e");



You can convert tohtmlentities before passing to database insert query as follows:

htmlentities($_POST['key'], ENT_QUOTES);         // ENT_QUOTES will convert single and double inverted commas to &#039 etc.

When you will execute select query, convert data fetched back to single/double inverted commas by using following:

html_entity_decode($varReturnedBySelectQuery);  // $varReturnedBySelectQuery is for example returned by select query



First of all mysql function are deprecated you should use pdo_mysql. Then for quote you can use htmlspecialchars or htmlentities or addslashes but don't forget to use the reverse function when you read it.

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