php - String of file_get_html can't be edited?



file_get_html() returns an object, not a string. Attempting to concatenate a string to an object will call the object's_toString() method if it exists, and the operation returns a string. Strings do not have afind() method.

If you want to do as you have described read the file contents and concatenate the extra string first:

$content = file_get_contents('someFile.html');
$content .= "someString";
$domObject  = str_get_html($content);

Alternatively, read the file withfile_get_html() and manipulate it with the DOM API.




$doo is not a string! It's an object, an instance of Simple HTML DOM. You can't call-> methods on strings, only on objects. You cannot treat this object like a string. Trying to concatenate something to it makes no sense.$abd in your code is the result of an object concatenated with a string; this either results in a string or an error, depending in the details of the object. What it certainly does not do is result in a usable object, so you certainly can't do$abd->find().

If you want to modify the content of the page, do it using the DOM API which the object gives you.

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