php - strpos: finding a value in .ini file


I have some code that looks like the following:

if (strpos($stringt, $key . '=') === false) {
    ...some code...

and is supposed to check if a particular key=value pair exists in an .ini file. The .ini file is just a PHP .ini file full of KEY=String values, one per line.

The problem is that if a shorter key happens to be present within a longer key, the line will return true instead of false. For example, if a key/value PROBLEM=problem exists and you check using: $key = 'EN', the routine will return true because $strpos will match 'EN=' within the longer string 'HAPPEN='. How can I get strpos to match a key only from the start of a new line (I tried '\n' . $key . '=' and that didn't work)?




if (strpos($stringt, "\n" . $key . '=') === false) {
    ...some code...

You had to use"\n" instead of'\n'




I would just use PHP's built-in INI parser:


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