php - Submit button is missing


The problem is - SUBMIT button is missing.

This is a fragment from my code:

    <label class="field"
           for="fk_RUNGTYNESid_RUNGTYNES">Rungtynės<?php echo in_array('fk_RUNGTYNESid_RUNGTYNES', $required) ? '<span> *</span>' : ''; ?></label>
    <select id="fk_RUNGTYNESid_RUNGTYNES" name="fk_RUNGTYNESid_RUNGTYNES">
        <option value="">

If I remove code about{-code-2} the submit button appears.

What's the problem? And how can I fix this?



-----</option> <?php // išrenkame klientus $rungtynes = $rungtynesObj->getrungtynesList(); foreach ($rungtynes as $key => $val) { $selected = ""; if (isset($data['fk_RUNGTYNESid_RUNGTYNES']) && $data['fk_RUNGTYNESid_RUNGTYNES'] == $val['id']) { $selected = " selected "<option{$selected} value='{$val['id']}'>{$val['rungtyniu_laikas']}</option>"; } ?> </select> </p> </fieldset> <p >* pažymėtus laukus užpildyti privaloma</p> <p> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Išsaugoti"> </p> <input type="hidden" name="id" value="<?php echo isset($data['id']) ? $data['id'] : ''; ?>"/>|||fk_RUNGTYNESid_RUNGTYNES



According your code and the comments as I have said in the comments

check your $rungtynes = $rungtynesObj->getrungtynesList();

And in the error log you can find the following:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method rungtynes::getrungtynesbusena() in futboloprotokolas1/autonuoma/templates/rungtynes_form.tpl.php:33
Stack trace:
  #0 futboloprotokolas1/autonuoma/controls/rungtynes_create.php(55): include()
  #1 futboloprotokolas1/autonuoma/templates/main.tpl.php(40): include('f...')
  #2 futboloprotokolas1/autonuoma/index.php(41): include('f...')
  #3 {main}\n  thrown in futboloprotokolas1/autonuoma/templates/rungtynes_form.tpl.php on line 33, referer: /futboloprotokolas1/autonuoma/index.php?module=rungtynes&action=list

Also please look on your error.log: there are lots of warnings and notifications.

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