php - Switching to GetSingleItem instead of findItemsAdvanced with the ebay-api


I am using the ebay-api's to pull out listing information using the itemId the user enters to import the current live auction on ebay into my site. I have been using the FindItemsAdvanced which is pretty straight forward grabbing the information using the SingleXMLElement

        $itemid = (string) $xml->searchResult->item->itemId;
        $shipcost = (string) $xml->searchResult->item->shippingInfo->shippingServiceCost;

I dont really need to use the FindItemsAdvanced because some information is missing, ie: quantity of a item listed.

I have looked at the documentation for GetSingleItem and it doesnt have a searchResult member, my question is, how is the above done with GetSingleItem to get the details.

This is the process i used but cant grab any details

url2 is -

then the contents

$resp2 = file_get_contents($url2);

then the xml object

$xml2 = new SimpleXMLElement($resp2);

At this stage i have my object but i cant extract any details like a can with FindItemsAdvanced

Thanks to the comments i'm adding more information, the file_get_contents only gives me this

2017-12-24T12:33:55.736Z Success E1033_CORE_APILW_18542200_R1 1033 false 192401461174 2018-01-17T10:29:17.000Z 2017-12-18T10:29:17.000Z FixedPriceItem wigan, Lancashire PayPal$_1.PNG?set_id=8800005007$_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F$_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F$_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F$_1.JPG?set_id=8800005007$_1.PNG?set_id=8800005007 wn69jt 183498 Health & Beauty:E Cigarettes, Vapes & Accs:E Cigarettes, Vapes & Mods 5 improveyourlife Purple 525 100.0  0 31.94 23.9 Active 0 Worldwide UK P23DT21H55M22S  184 26395:183497:183498 GB 14 days Returns Accepted Only if broken Buyer  false false 0 1000 New false 0 false true true   

I understand i need to get the xml into a string to use namespaces but i'm not sure how to do that. The crazy thing is, the only thing i need out of GetSingleItem is the quantity because FindItemsAdvanced does not have it.




Try using$xml2 = simplexml_load_string($resp2); and then you should be able to get the information needed normally, with$quantity = $xml2->Item->Quantity;.

As a tip, I highly recommend you give a try to this SDK. I am using it for a long time, to manage multiple shops and it's extremely helpful. Saved me a huge amount of time. The guy who created it also made a ton of examples. You could have a look at those before using the SDK, and you'll see how much simpler everything is.

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