php - Symfony 2 / Oracle Querybuilder result is case sensitive


I have a strange behavior with a query result in Symfony 2. I have data like this in an Oracle Database, in this exact order :

  1. BU 4 2015
  2. bU 2
  3. BU C
  4. BU S
  5. BU 4 2014

notice, the lower case in the second data

I Just want to display this list by alphabetical order, without any case sensitive support. The wanted result :

- BU C
- bU 2
- BU 4 2014
- BU 4 2015
- BU S

Now, here is the Querybuilder, made with Symfony 2.5.12 :

 $queryBuilder = $this->createQueryBuilder('e');

But the query, show my list in this order :

- BU C
- BU 4 2014
- BU 4 2015
- BU S
- bU 2
  • When i play the query displayed in symfony 2 profiler in my Oracle database client, i get the wanted result.

  • When i dump the query builder result, I get the wrong order list.

I manage to solve my problem by this

$queryBuilder = $this->createQueryBuilder('e');
    ->addSelect('UPPER( as HIDDEN name')

So, I just want to know why I get this strange behavior with the querybuilder ?





First of all, your "wanted result" is not actually in alphabetical order. A case-insensitive sort would yield the following order:

bU 2
BU 4 2014
BU 4 2015

Second of all, the way to do a case-insensitive sort with Oracle SQL is to useUPPER() orLOWER() on the column(s) you want to sort by, like so:


Finally, the way to do a case-insensitive sort with Doctrine QueryBuilder is exactly how you have done it: by addingUPPER( as HIDDEN name and then sorting by that field.

There is no strange behavior by QueryBuilder in this example.

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