php - SYMFONY 3 Twig conditions route


I would like to know how with twig display something considering the route.

{% if visual|default %}
        {{- wc_simple_visual(visual) -}}
      {% else %}
        <div >
         //Display the image in functions of the routn name 
        {% if app.request.get('_route') != 'live' AND f app.request.get('_route') != 'contact' %}
          <img src="/{{ asset_version('img/live-image.jpg') }}" alt="{% if title %}{{ title }}{% endif %}" >
      {% else %}
    <img src="/{{ asset_version('img/contact-image.jpg') }}" alt="{% if title %}{{ title }}{% endif %}" >
      {% endif %}

but like this it doesn't works, thx.

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