php - Symfony 3.1 PSR-6 Caching Settings



    app: cache.adapter.doctrine
    system: cache.adapter.doctrine
    default_doctrine_provider: ~
    default_psr6_provider: ~
    default_redis_provider: "redis://localhost:6379"

Symfony 3.1 support doctrine cache, but you do not have enough documentation.

Cache Component:
Supported drives:
Symfony Integration:

default_doctrine_provider: ? What do I enter as Provider




You can pass todefault_doctrine_provider either a Redis connection DSN (for example "redis://") or ID of a service which implementsSymfony\Component\Cache\Adapter\AdapterInterface

You can have a look at already implemented adapters here




The provider basically is the originaldoctrine_cache provider you configured. Let's say you use theDoctrineCacheBundle and your provider name ismy_apc_cache that means the container has the following service:

$myCache = $this->container->get('doctrine_cache.providers.my_apc_cache');

You could also define an alias, then it is even easier.

Take a look at the example at:

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