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I have 3 nested form in Symfony2. I won't get into all the code here beacuse it can be long. I'm just gonna show an example of what I want to do here.

So, let's say thatCategory has aProduct and the Product has aTag. Each one of them would be a reusableAbstractType.

This would be the code for the CategoryType (I will leave outallow_add,allow_delete, andby_reference for increased readability).

$builder->add('product', 'collection', array(
    'type' => new ProductType(),
    'prototype' => true,
    'prototype_name' => '__product__'

This would be the ProductType

$builder->add('tag', 'collection', array(
    'type' => TagType(),
    'prototype' => true, 
    'prototype_name' => '__tag_name__'

TagType is not really important here. What I want is render the prototype for these collections in Twig in twodivs like this...

<div data-product-prototype="{{ form_widget(form.product.vars.prototype)|e }}"></div>

<div data-tag-prototype="{{ form_widget(form.product.vars.prototype.children['tag'].vars.prototype)|e }}"></div>

The problem is that the first prototype is render in the data attribute, but the second is an empty string. Why?

Also, if anyone has a better idea of how to render nested form collections, Im all ears. I found a good example that i followed but it does not work.




If you simply render out the children first, this problem goes away.

Example from one of my projects:

Render these prototypes first:

campaignForm.campaignRows.vars.prototype.children['campaignTexts'].vars.prototype campaignForm.campaignRows.vars.prototype.children['featuredItems'].vars.prototype campaignForm.campaignRows.vars.prototype.children['campaignImageCampaigns'].vars.prototype

Then the parent:


Works for me, hopefully it works for you too. I assume the children are set as rendered internally somehow which causes the problem you have.




Okay, i figured it out.

This was a project that I inhereted. It had its own form themeing and that themeing made nested form collections be rendered inside own another.

So if anyone sees this, check your form theme, if you made it custom.

The answers above all work.

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