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Is it posible to set the route / render controller with pager fanta in symfony2 because i have tried rendering a controller and it hits me with cannot generate route:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Unable to generate a URL for the named route "" as such route does not exist.") in @AppBundle\Survey\table_questions.html.twig at line 27.

On line 27 i have

{{ pagerfanta(pager, 'twitter_bootstrap3') }}



try like this

{{ pagerfanta(pager, 'twitter_bootstrap3', {'routeName': 'your_route_name'}) }}



I don't know how exactly you use theWhiteOctoberPagerfantaBundle but you can set your default view: Also see this answer: Customising the layout of Pagerfanta pagination with a custom template.

Alternatively, thepagerfanta function takes a third argument with options to create the route generator.

NotablyrouteName might be enough for what you need to do:

{{ pagerfanta(pager, 'twitter_bootstrap3', {routeName: 'route_name'}) }}

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