php - Telegram API encode message to be sent


What is the encode parameters url of telegram? I usedurlencode ($message) but on mobile the message is not decoded from the app. **If I don't use the encode for the message , I get an error

gateway (error 501 or 502**, I don't remember)


The example url is that I do$token/sendMessage?chat_id=$chat_id&text=$message where$message is my text to be decoded




just make an array and usehttp_build_query method. It also handles the encoding for you.

An example would be like this:

$queryStringArray = [
  'chat_id' => $chat_id,
  'text'    => $message,

$url = ''.$token.'/sendMessage?'.http_build_query($queryStringArray);

I'm using this exact way in my micro Telegram bot app here.

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