php - Telegram Inline Query - No Search Result


I am working on an inline bot on telegram so as to respond with some commands.

I successfully made the bot and it shows the options I pre-entered in a mySQL database previously with the below code.

if (isset($update["inline_query"])) {
    $inlineQuery = $update["inline_query"];
    $queryId = $inlineQuery["id"];
    $queryText = $inlineQuery["query"];

    $filtered = array_filter($results_empty, function($v) { return (stripos($v['title'], $queryText) !== FALSE); });

    $postData2 = array(
        "inline_query_id" => $inlineQuery["id"], 
        "results" => json_encode($filtered), 
        "cache_time" => 0

if (isset($queryText) && $queryText !== "") {

  apiRequestJson("answerInlineQuery", [
    "inline_query_id" => $queryId,
    "results" => $postData2["results"]
else {
      apiRequestJson("answerInlineQuery", [
        "inline_query_id" => $queryId,
        "results" => $postData["results"]

Yet, when $querytext is empty (if (isset($queryText) && $queryText !== ""), aka default when no texts has been input, the options from$postData["results"] all show up.

And when I typed in some queries (if (isset($update["inline_query"]))), nothing shows up from$postData2["results"]. I confirm the$filtered from above actually works filtering thus$postData2 is valid.

Can someone help with this issue?

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