php - Testing Symfony2 session


Here is the action in my controller code:

public function resultsAction(Request $request)
    $session = $request->getSession();
    $data = $session->get('custom_data');

Here is my test code:

public function setUp()
    $this->client = static::createClient(array(), array(
            'HTTP_USER_AGENT' => 'MySuperBrowser/1.0',
    $sessionMock = new MockFileSessionStorage();
    $this->session = new Session($sessionMock);

public function testAdslRisultati()
    $data = array(
        'key1' => 'val1',
        'key2' => 'val2' //etc...,
    $this->session->set('custom_data', $data);
    $crawler = $this->client->request('GET', '/results');
    $this->assertTrue($crawler->filter('html:contains("text...")')->count() > 0);

When I execute the test, the value of $data in the controller is always empty. How can I save any data in session from test and retry it from controller?

test: ~

Thank you very much




Your can get the session storage from container in client

As example:

$this->client->getContainer()->get('session')->set('foo_bar', 'Bar');

Attention: The container in client used only for one request ($client->request()).

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