php - textarea not rendering properly on an ajax load


I am having issue with loading a html textarea via ajax, essentially the text area's content is rendering outside of the textarea.

Here is the javascript call

function editForm(button,type,id)
if (id == null)
    id = -1;
parentID =;
cFormName = parentID.replace("controls_","");

$("#addAnother").load("getHTML.php", {addAnother:type,formID:cFormName,id:id}, 
        $("#"+cFormName).html($("#addAnother > form").html());//grab the form
        $("#"+parentID).html($("#addAnother > p").html());//grab the controls
    }//end function
);//end ajax load

Here is the response (I had to change the img tags to imageTag to post)

<form id="additional-info0" method="post" action="">
    <label for="additional-info">Additional Information:</label>
    <textarea cols="75" type="text" name="additional-description[]" size="80" />asdfasdfdfasf</textarea>
    <a onclick="javascript:removeDescriptionPoint(this);"> <imageTag src="assets/img/delete.png" alt="Delete"></a><br />
    <p >Maecenas blandit nulla sit amet urna posuere lacinia ultrices libero scelerisque. Pellentesque imperdiet iaculis ullamcorper. 
      <em>E.g. Mauris feugiat urna non lacus gravida in pulvinar dolor hendrerit.</em>
  <div id="editFields-additional-info0"></div>
    <a href="javascript:addAnother('additional','additional-info0');" title="Add another description point" >
      <imageTag src="assets/img/add-another2.jpg" alt="Add Another" /> Add another description point

Save Clear




 <textarea cols="75" type="text" name="additional-description[]" size="80" />asdfasdfdfasf</textarea>

You've terminated the textarea tag ...

<textarea ... /> <-- remove the /

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