php - Timeout and unset 1 query in multi curl


I have php script that send request to the other server.

If the question similar to each other, I using multi curl

try {                                                                
    $result['response'][] = @new SimpleXMLElement($task);               
    $result['request'][] = @new SimpleXMLElement($request);             

} catch (Exception $e) {                                             
    // Showing err
    if ($throwException) {                                              
        throw new Exception('Internal Server Error', 500);            

If any problem with answer I showing an error.

I want to know:

1) How to understand that it was timeout error or something else?

$cmh = curl_multi_init(); // create only one descriptor

If I send 5 request, 4 will be ok, and by 1 will be timeout()

2) How to unset only this one request in multi curl?





I'd recommend this CURL class:

$curl = new CURL();
$curl->retry = 2;
$curl->addSession( '', $opts );
$curl->addSession( '', $opts );
$curl->addSession( '', $opts );
$result = $curl->exec();
foreach( $result as $r )
    if( $r['info']['http_code'] !== 200 )
        echo $r['url'] . " has failed\n";

I may have some of the variables in the foreach wrong there. Just print_r( $r['info'] ); and you will get all the details for each request. This also has a retry for failed requests ($curl->retry = 2;).

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: javascript - Not getting the success callback for an ajax query to my php page


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