php - Trouble parsing the pubmed central API XML


I'm trying to parse the xml output of the PMC API, yet for some reason I get only errors or empty results.. (had no trouble parsing the Pubmed API..)

This is how the XML tools like :

  <article xmlns:mml="" article-type="research-article">
        <journal-id journal-id-type="nlm-ta">Cell Death Differ</journal-id>
        <journal-id journal-id-type="iso-abbrev">Cell Death Differ</journal-id>
          <journal-title>Cell Death and Differentiation</journal-title>
        <issn pub-type="ppub">1350-9047</issn>
        <issn pub-type="epub">1476-5403</issn>

And this is my code:

$xml = simplexml_load_file($query);
$journal_name = (string)$xml->{'pmc-articleset'}->article->front->{'journal-meta'}->{'journal-title-group'}->{'journal-title'};
echo "Title: ".$journal_name;

Any advice would be appreciated!




You are already in thearticle-set element when you start and$article is an element, not a variable, so the$ should be removed.

echo (string)$xml->article->front->{'journal-meta'}->{'journal-title-group'}->{'journal-title'};

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