php - unlink not working when getting a url from loadHTML


I have a weird issue. I have a script that I run which will loop through a table that has some records in it containing HTML. In that html are images that I need to delete when the script is ran. Here is how I am doing it

while ($row_find = $result_find->fetch_array()) {
    $comment = $row_find['comment']; <--this is html
    $html = $comment;
    $doc = new DOMDocument();
    $imgs = $doc->getElementsByTagName('img');
    // images
    foreach ($imgs as $img) {
        $src = stripslashes(trim($img->getAttribute('src')));
        $img_new = str_replace("","/home/document/path/html/root",$src);

What I am doing is loading the html throughloadHTML and then using$doc->getElementsByTagName('img') to get theattrsrc of the image. Then change the path of that image to the document root and then simplyunlink($img_new)

Problem is this is not working. I have checked the path a million times and it is correct, the permissions on the folder and file are correct. I have usedtrim to make sure there is no white space ,but in this script is does not work

Now if I take the sameunlink('/home/document/path/html/root/thisimage.png') except I write in the path manually and place it at the top of the script it works fine and the image is removed.

The path is correct, but it will not delete. Is this something to do with creating the image path from aDOMDocument?




When I run into stuff like this, I always usevar_dump() to see for sure what's in the variable. Sometimes things get missed with justecho().

Looks like in this case, it was an extra set of quotes. Glad you found it!

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