php - update database rows by $_POST data with key as id for row


I have the following $_POST data received from the user

url[3] = "beheer"
name[3] = "knowledge"
parent_id[3] = "0"

url[4] = "asd"
name[4] = "adasdas"
parent_id[4] = "0"

url[5] = "asdasd"
name[5] = "asdsadasd"
parent_id[5] = "0"

Where the key is the id for each data. I want to loop through all the data and update the rows

this will execute for example:

mysql_query("UPDATE table SET url = 'beheer', name = 'knowledge', parent_id='0' WHERE id = 3");

How can I solve this?




You can do that :

   foreach ($url as $key => $value)
    mysql_query("UPDATE table SET url = '$value', name = '$name[$key]', parent_id='$parent_id[$key]' WHERE id = '$key'");



As I see it, the easiest way to solve it would be to use an associative array instead. So you have one variable, called $values, and then add your names to that like this:




This will enable you to iterate over the array using a foreach loop like so.

foreach($values AS $value) {
  $url = $value['url'];
  $name = $value['name'];
  $parent_id = $value['parent_id'];

  $query = "INSERT INTO table (url,name,parent_id) VALUES ('$url','$name','$parent_id')";


This is of course a simple example, but it should help.

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