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I am just newbie to opencart. I have purchased an extension. The link is here. Now I want to know where to place this extension in my opencart folder.I don't know how to use extension in Opencart. So can someone tell me where to place the extension and how to active the extension.




Step by step tutorial on installing OpenCart Extensions. (opencart add-ons) Developed on vQmod The article will take you through 1) How to install vQmod 2) Installing OpenCart extensions through FTP 3) Common problems and errors faced during installations




There is no unified way to install an extension, it can be a plain module or can use vQmod or some other approach.

However, in most cases directory structure of the extension corresponds with directory structure of openCart itself. If it has same folders, like catalog/ or admin/, you just upload them on top of the openCart folders (but back up your current files first).

But if unsure, the best way would be to look for installation instructions, and if there are none, contact the developer.

The extension you mentioned has this under Documentation tab:

Just need to find the text and replace with my code.

Without knowing the content of the extension, it's hard to say what exactly does it mean though.

As for activation, if the extension is a module, you go to Extensions - Modules in admin, find your extension there and click Install. In many cases, no activation is needed, it'll be active as soon as you upload the files. In other cases it may have its' own installation / activation script.




Goto your admin panel, In the 'Extension' menu, click on the 'Extension Installer', then upload your file.. after completion, under the Extension menu , click on Modifications'. and on the top right there is an option for refresh changes and install the module if it doesn't installed automatically..

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