php - using for loop on mysql table


I have 2 tables on my db: cat (id, catname) link (id, name, url, cat)

I wanted to loop through the tablelink and output data bycat, here the actual code but id doesn't work anyway :)

    for ($i = 1; ; $i++)
        $list = $mysqli->query('SELECT * FROM links WHERE category='$i'');
        while($row = $list->fetch_assoc()) {
            print $row["category"];
            print $row["name"].' ';
            print $row["url"];
            print '<br>';


Is there a way we can get theid from tablecat and use that to loop through the data in tablelink? Thanks




No need for so many requests inside the loop. There are JOIN statements in SQL for such cases:

$result = $mysqli->query('SELECT AS cat_name, 
                          FROM category 
                          INNER JOIN links ON');

while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
    print $row["cat_name"];
    print $row["name"].' ';
    print $row["url"];
    print '<br>';


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