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Hi this is courious I dont understand how I can validate a radio input, I have validated other inputs with laravel, but Radio no. Of course I am Laravel Beginner. When I don't filled the framework not give error to print. So formaPago is not validated. Cheers. This is the HTML:

  <table >
              @foreach($formasPago as $forma)
              <th><div >
                  <label for="formaPago" ></label>
                   <input type="radio"
                    name="formaPago"  >{{$forma->nombre}}
                </div></th> @endforeach

And the Validator in controller looks this way:

  $validator = \Validator::make($request->all(), [
                'nombreCompleto'=> 'required|string|max:255',
                'email'=>  Session::has('clientePotencial')?'required|string|email|max:255':'required|string|email|max:255|unique:users',
                'celular'=> 'required',
                'cedula'=> 'required',
        'primaria'=> 'required',
        'secundaria'=> 'required',
        'referencia'=> 'required',
        'formaPago'=> 'required|filled'



Set name attribute for radio button

@foreach($formasPago as $forma)
            <th><div >
                <label for="formaPago" ></label>
                 <input type="radio" name="formaPago"
                  name="formaPago"  >{{$forma->nombre}}
              </div></th> @endforeach

get list of valid values and add below rule in validation

$validValues = //....get value from db

'gander'=> 'required|in:'.implode(",",$validValues); 

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